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In a digital landscape increasingly concerned with privacy, organizations are having to rethink their data collection strategies in order to increase conversion rates.

Join us to learn how to evolve your customer engagement strategy by investing in the collection, management, governance, and quality of first-party data with customer data platforms (CDP). Also see a demonstration of how OpenText™ Experience Platform together with Google Cloud can segment users based on their engagement behaviors and activate the first-party data to generate personalized experiences and communications.

This webinar will cover how to:
  • Unify a single customer view by collecting first-party data from various sources
  • Action first-party data to increase customer loyalty with personalized engagements
  • Evolve your data collection strategy by exploring use cases for web experiences and communications

Discover the benefits of unlocking your first-party customer data with OpenText and Google. 

Our Speakers

Shabih Syed
Sr. Principal, Value Engineering for Digital Experience
Lyndon Quadros
Functional Lead, Data Analytics
DRVN Intelligence Inc.

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