Using Predictive Filters to Find Data in OpenText Axcelerate for eDiscovery and investigations
Welcome to the next generation of AI-powered eDiscovery and investigations.

Developed by the original predictive coding pioneers, OpenText Axcelerate once again leads the way in legal technology innovation with an all-new feature: Predictive Filtering.

While predictive coding learns from human review decisions to suggest similar documents for prioritized review, Predictive Filtering learns from human review decisions to suggest entire search queries based on metadata, content, or custom work product. It can answer questions like:
  •     What keywords, filetypes, or date ranges are most likely to contain relevant data?
  •     Where are the most likely sources of attorney-client privileged documents?
  •     Which custodians are least likely to have relevant data?

Integrated directly into the latest release of Axcelerate at no additional cost, Predictive Filtering offers immediate insight by illuminating the search fields that are most (or least) likely to contain relevant information. Predictive Filters are customizable and can pivot on work-product decisions like issue or privilege tags. For a creative investigator, Predictive Filters offer an entirely new way to find and isolate key datasets.

Duration - 1Hour

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