Peppol and e-Invoicing for the Australian Government and Enterprises
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Did you know?
By July 1, 2022, e-invoicing will be mandatory for all Australia's Commonwealth agencies. However, George Harb, OpenText's regional vice president for business ecosystem, APAC, believes that the deadline to deliver under two years will be challenging to achieve.* To adopt e-invoicing technology, onboard relevant people, and ensure compliance by mid of 2022, agencies would not be looking at just a technology provider, but support in both consultation and onboarding.
What can OpenText do for Australian Government and Enterprises?
Since the launch of PEPPOL in EU, OpenText Business Network has been at the helm of helping government agencies and enterprises adopt e-invoicing technologies, compliant to PEPPOL standards. While many organisations sell technologies, we have been combining technologies and services to meet complex demands.

In Australia, Andrew Mitchell, the Senior Account Executive managing government accounts and enterprises, is OpenText's subject matter expert for all things e-invoicing and PEPPOL. If you are looking for an expert to address how your government agency can adopt, onboard, and comply within the deadline of July 1, 2022, reach out to Andrew.

Andrew has more than 20 years of experience connecting the dots between business and technologies. His expertise in B2B integration, Cloud Services, SaaS and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) brings unique perspectives across the digitalisation of supply chain, logistics, trade, banking, finance, and treasury.
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