Peppol and e-Invoicing for the Australian Government and Enterprises
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e-Invoicing and Peppol for Australian Federal & State Government agencies

May 21, 2020
with ATO
26:20 mins video
Want to do business with the Federal Government? Start E-invoicing.

Nov 24, 2020
by Dynamic Business
2 mins read
Government sets deadline for Commonwealth e-invoicing.

Oct 2, 2020
by idm
2 mins read
Australian Taxation Office recognises OpenText as one of the Peppol Access Point provider.

Jul 28, 2020
by OpenText
Singapore Government appoints OpenText is one of the Peppol Access Point provider.

Jan 31, 2020
by OpenText
Why e-Invoicing, why Peppol?

With e-invoicing you can automatically create, exchange and process invoices with your suppliers and buyers. Peppol is the network that uses a structured format to standardise your transactions, making it easy for your trading partners to process and pay you.
Faster payments
Standardised, faster processing, and accurate validation; e-invoicing is quicker and makes payments faster.

No more manual steps of verifying and resolving errors. All processes are streamlined & automated. 

Secured & Paperless
No more hard copies. No more searching for invoices in your files. Only selected people can access it easily and digitally.

Business insights
E-Invoicing is accurate and provides real-time visibility to help you better manage your payment cycles and cash flow management. 
How does it work with OpenText?
For Enterprises & Large organisations
OpenText helps to connect your enterprise business systems to Peppol network via our Access Point. Furthermore, we can help connect your trading partners to your business systems to standardise your inbound and outbound e-invoices.

For Small & Mid-sized Enterprises
If you are looking for a light-weight, low-cost solution to help you send e-invoices and at the same time requires access to Peppol network, OpenText provides both in one hassle-free package. Find out more about OpenText Freeway Cloud, OpenText BizManager, and OpenText B2B Managed Services.

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  • 5 foolproof steps to realizing the potential of e-Invoicing.
  • How to select an e-Invoicing service provider.
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OpenText Suite of E-Invoicing Solutions
OpenTextTM B2B Managed Services
Using B2B Managed Services, OpenText helps enterprises and large organisations set up and connect their business systems to PEPPOL network, and assumes the management of day-to-day operations, from systems management to integration to partner onboarding and transaction monitoring.
OpenTextTM BizManager
OpenTextTM BizManager offers on-premises control and security for B2B integration, data translation and managed file transfer (MFT) to exchange any document type or size in a single, integrated platform. We connect growing businesses to the PEPPOL network and other trading partners.
OpenTextTM Freeway Cloud
Recommended for most SMBs, OpenText™ Freeway Cloud is a comprehensive, hosted cloud-based EDI solution that encompasses all the likely B2B requirements in any businesses. Use Freeway Cloud to connect to the PEPPOL network for your e-invoicing needs.

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