Should you migrate to Exceed TurboX?
OpenText On-Demand Webinar

Changing landscape of the workforce, the stricter requirements for compliance and IP protection and faster remote access to resource-intensive applications have inspired the new features of OpenText Exceed TurboX (ETX), the successor of OpenText Exceed onDemand (EoD).

Join our Exceed TurboX webinar to learn:
  • how you can migrate to a world-class VDI by changing your current EoD to ETX;
  • the benefits of migrating early;
  • the roadmap and vision of ETX;
  • ETX’s unique features from the perspectives of end-users and administrators; and
  • how to extend your reach for remote UNIX/Linux/Windows application access and support your centralization initiatives.

Who to attend: Existing end users and administrators of OpenText Exceed onDemand

Mark Wevers is the Senior Product Manager in Open Text. He nurtures ETX since V11 and has been instrumental in tailor making ETX in EDA environment helping semiconductors manufacturers globally on improving competitive edge in time-to-market and mitigating design risks at early stage.

Mark is also a frequent speaker at major EDA symposium such as the DAC conference.
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