OpenText Live Webinar:
Introduction to Mobile WebForms for Content Suite & Extended ECM by AnswerModules
Thanks to Mobile WebForms, and its use of the AppWorks Gateway,  it's now possible to utilize forms anywhere on any device even without an internet connection. The collected data can be automatically utilized to drive any action or process as defined by a business' needs. If a form is utilized offline, once a network connection is established a single click will synchronize the completed from back onto Content Suite or Extended ECM. Furthermore these forms can leverage a device's native tools (camera, bar-code reader, GPS, etc) as data input tools. Thanks to an extensible endpoint, submitted form data can be utilized in various ways such as: starting or updating a workflow, creating Connected Workspaces, generating documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc..), transmitting the data to another system (i.e.: CRM, ERP, etc..), and much more.

June 27 @ 11AM EDT
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