Women in Technology CCM User Community
Mission and objectives

The Women in Technology Customer Communication Management User Community is comprised of a dynamic group of women who are engaged in designing, developing and rendering Exstream communications and end users from a broad range of global organizations implementing OpenText CCM solutions to help manage their multichannel customer documents and communications. This is an exclusive opportunity to be an integral part of a community of women to empower and learn from one another. This will serve as a platform for networking, troubleshooting and learning.  

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Our vision
This user community provides a platform for women that work, practice, drive and influence OpenText CCM technologies and tools on a day-to-day basis. This group will come together to discuss a diverse list of customer communications management subjects, including: 
  • Designing communications in Exstream
  • How to address complex documents and use cases
  • Template creation
  • Data mapping
  • Communication design best practices and styles
  • Leadership opportunities and motivational discussions

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Next session:

Designing a template in OpenText Exstream part 2
Join us for the second installment of the Women in Technology CCM User Community series where we will continue our discussions around designing a template in OpenText Exstream. In this session, Nidhi Ramakant of MedPro Group will take a deeper dive into container design and data mapping in Exstream. 

Date: July 23, 2020
Time: 12:00 pm EDT

Future topics:

Colossal challenges for Women in Tech
For many of the women in technology, maintaining a work/life balance is the biggest challenge. In this webinar, we will come together to demystify some of the challenges and ways to overcome them.
What to expect:
  • Is work/life balance simply a myth?
  • Skill building and keeping up with industry trends
  • Confidence and visibility
  • Unconscious bias

Exstream & the insurance industry
Insurance organizations face a variety of challenges. Conflicting regulations, such as GDPR, state and country, exert pressure to deliver compliant communications on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis. Some customers still prefer agents and call centers for quotes, renewals and applications, while others want electronic applications, digital communications and web self-service documents. Attend this session to hear first-hand from insurers how they are using Exstream to provide consistent, omnichannel, compliant customer communications for better customer experiences.  
We will review use cases for the following topics:
  • Compliance and regulatory documents
  • Red-lining processes
  • How to reduce operational costs and streamline processes
  • Rationalizing content 

Exstream in the Cloud
The Exstream platform is an enterprise solution to provide consistent, omnichannel, compliant customer communications for better customer experiences.
In this meeting, we will discuss:
  • How can Exstream in Cloud impact and help Women in CCM?
  • How can we use cloud CCM to enable a remote workforce should another pandemic come?
  • Into the cloud: Upgrading your technical skills along with the platform

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Nidhi Ramakant is the Technical Architect at MedPro Group. She is also the founder and creator of the Women in Technology CCM User Community.

To learn learn more about Nidhi Ramakant, please read the OpenText Customer Spotlight blog.
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