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Transform your HR processes by eliminating document silos and paper files

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Expert Session: Simplify HR files with digital employee document management  | 29mins
Managing employee content can be a challenge. If your organization manages physical files stored at multiple corporate sites, digitized documents scattered across various disconnected systems, reams of employee letters being generated daily, or piles of documents from the latest acquisition, you need a better solution. 

Shifting from physical records and siloed electronic files to a secure, managed cloud solution for centralized employee records frees up internal resources and provides flexibility for adding employee records as your business grows. 

OpenText document management solutions for SAP® SuccessFactors® deliver secure, integrated, and compliant HR document management that can be accessed directly from SuccessFactors. 

In this session we will explore how OpenText solutions can help organizations: 

  • Enable HR professionals to easily create and manage candidate, onboarding, and other employee documents. 
  • Ensure documents uploaded to SuccessFactors, generated during HR processes, or migrated from historic HR applications are securely managed in a central location with granular security access and control. 
  • Meet audit and regulatory compliance requirements—from onboarding to offboarding 

Watch the recording to learn how optimizing the HR function and integrating employee records into a centralized platform can contribute to HR success.
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