On-demand Thought Leadership Discussion: Mitigating Risks Hidden in Content with AI
Organizations are digitizing every element of work resulting in a surge of digital content. While much of that content is for business purposes, personal or inappropriate content can end up within enterprise repositories. This presents risks to organizations’ reputation as well as regulatory penalties.

View a thought leadership discussion where Paul O’Hagan, Director of Product Management in AI & Analytics and Andy Teichholz, Global Industry Strategist, Compliance & Legal, will reflect on:

  • Trends and challenges within the market
  • The types of content that can pose risk to an organization
  • How AI and text analytics enable a proactive approach to addressing them

Gain insights and ask the questions you have been wanting to get answered.
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Meet the Speakers
Paul O'Hagan, Director, Product Management AI & Analytics
Paul O’Hagan leads the worldwide Product Management team for the Magellan portfolio of analytics and AI technologies at OpenText. In 2020, Paul was awarded as the sole inventor of a US Patent in Machine Learning. He has a track record for running product teams in environments including startups and major international companies focusing on multiple technology areas such as enterprise search, content management and data integration. Most recently, Paul led the OpenText Solution Extension program and its sales team resulting in revenue growth of over $14 million annually. When at IBM, Paul participated as a project team member on the Watson Jeopardy challenge, acting as technical advisor for language processing implementation of the UIMA framework.
Andy Teichholz, Global Industry Strategist, Compliance & Legal
Andy Teichholz is the Senior Industry Strategist for Compliance & Legal at OpenText.  He has over 20 years of experience in the legal and compliance market as a litigator, in-house counsel, consultant and technology provider.  He has served as a trusted advisor to customers by leveraging his business acumen, industry experience, and technical knowledge to advise on business process improvements and risk mitigation strategies.  He has helped to design and implement technology solutions in the areas of Data Privacy, eDiscovery, ECM, Information Governance, and Records Management.  As a professional consultant, Andy managed numerous high-profile engagements supporting complex litigation as well as regulatory investigations of national and international scope. 
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