5 Challenges to cloud adoption and how to overcome them
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Companies around the globe are looking to cloud computing solutions to maximize agility, security and collaboration in today’s rapidly changing competitive environment. But implementing a cloud strategy can pose several obstacles that are keeping organizations from benefiting from all that cloud has to offer.

Join us as OpenText experts share how your organization can overcome common obstacles to cloud adoption and learn to:
  1. Manage in-house cloud skill gaps
  2. Customize your move to the cloud
  3. Control escalating or unpredictable data center/IaaS and application management costs
  4. Maintain global compliance and data protection requirements
  5. Stay current with the latest software versions

Discover how to unlock the agility, security and collaboration needed to stay competitive in an ever-changing environment. Plus, find out how OpenText Customer Success Services can help you achieve strong adoption and leverage the cloud to meet key business goals.

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