Introducing Core for Federated Compliance 
Holistic, cross-enterprise information governance has long been the vision for records administrators coping with large-scale enterprise content. In truth, the realities of operating a large organization with independent and geographically-dispersed business units often results in the deployment of multiple repositories, each of which evolves to unique configurations and records policies. As records policies become more complex with the introduction of new data privacy regulations and as the risk profile continues to rise, centralized governance processes become an organizational imperative with no leeway for gaps and inconsistencies. To help organizations achieve centralized and automated management and oversight of records policies, OpenText is pleased to announce the launch of OpenText Core for Federated Compliance.

In this webinar, OpenText will give an overview of Core for Federated Compliance and how Documentum customers can benefit from centralized oversight of their records policies.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • A business case for a federated approach 
  • Integration points with Documentum
  • Cloud-first hybrid architecture 
  • Long-term plans for expansion into other repositories and platforms

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Date: January 15 @ 10 am EDT
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