Eliminate costs and support burden for static systems and data

Accelerate cloud transition

InfoArchive Decomissioning & OpenText   |   Coffee Chat - 25mins
Don't let old applications resulting from mergers and acquisitions, migrations, upgrades or a move to the cloud, weigh you down!

Organizations often end up with redundant applications. However, keeping them for business, tax and legal reasons can be a huge drain on IT budgets, robbing them of much-needed funds that could be better spent on innovation. 

 With a modern archiving solution like OpenText InfoArchive, organizations can eliminate the costs and support burden for static systems and data, and help accelerate cloud transition, optimize infrastructure and ensure compliance.

Join Kevin Marinov, Lead Solutions Consultant at OpenText, as he leads the discussion about decommissioning your old apps and answers your questions about OpenText’s InfoArchive solution.

Kevin Marinov, Lead Solutions Consultant, OpenText
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