OpenText Live Webinar:
Improve your information integrity with Permissions Manager and Fastman
(presented by OpenText Partner Fastman)
October 21st, 2021 at 11am EDT
With the Content Suite Platform and Extended ECM being the single point of truth for all your unstructured content, managing information access and maintaining integrity is a top priority.  The Fastman Permissions Manager is a must have solution for every Content Suite deployment whether in the Cloud or on-prem. No other solution addresses the issues of managing volume, system complexity, bulk changes out of the box.

 During this presentation, you’ll see and learn about:

  • New - manage role-based access. As more organizations move to business workspaces and xECM, this capability becomes invaluable.
  • New - Permissions Manager privileges for Business Administration. Ideal for cloud deployments and improved self-service
  • New - support for containerized deployments and OT Cloud certified solution
  • View the effective permissions to determine why a user has specific rights.
  • The ability to view information on individual folders, across collections of content, or throughout the whole repository making complex information security structures manageable.

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