Improve business processes in Office 365, Salesforce, and SAP with OpenText Extended ECM
Connecting content to key business processes across lead business applications can dramatically increase efficiencies and improve insights for different users across the Enterprise. 

Join us to see how an everyday business problem example – an important sales order needs to be expedited for a big client, can be solved with Extended ECM.

Harness an Information Advantage and improve operational velocity with connected content to:
  • Accelerate business processes 
  • Empower employee productivity
  • Realize one version of the truth
  • Elevate lead application capabilities  
We will explore a brief overview for each of these Extended ECM integrations for Office 365, Salesforce and SAP. We will also look at real use cases that help customers integrate content with their digital businesses, and showcase a demo of these apps interacting seamlessly with content.

Date: September 17 @ 11 Am EDT
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