The OpenText Extended ECM Platform integrates enterprise content management (ECM) with lead business applications to bridge content silos and deliver content in context for more effective business processes. 

Join us for this overview and technical demonstration webinar to learn how you can “Extend ECM to anything". Drive efficiencies through major business processes, and connect critical content to the people and tasks that need it most through deep lead application integrations. 

We will demonstrate a custom Extended ECM connector, explain what it took to build it, and show you how your organization can do the same with our open development tools. 

In this session we will cover:
  • A brief overview of the concepts and benefits of Extended ECM
  • A look at key components involved in allowing a lead business application and Extended ECM to communicate
  • A demonstration of the value to the end user 
  • A look at what’s really happening under the hood
  • The information and resources you need to get started

Building an OpenText Extended ECM connector… Build a bridge to lead business applications to accelerate business process 
Date: February 20 at 11:00 am EDT

Build an OpenText Extended ECM connector for lead business application integrations
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