Remote Access Software
Reduced Cost & Maximized Resource Utilization

Replacing expensive workstations with centrally managed servers concentrates more users across shared resources, delivering faster and more efficient performance at a fraction of the cost. 

The latest virtual GPU technologies facilitate simultaneous task execution across shared GPUs, providing superior graphics performance over dedicated workstation graphics cards. 

Processing-intensive tasks such as raytracing or engineering simulations can scale up to consume unused server resources, accelerating execution times.
Increased Productivity and Accelerated Time-to-Market

Centralizing the engineering process in all stages of the design cycle eliminates massive file transfer bottlenecks and greatly reduces cycle times and time-to-market.

Centralizing your design environment – applications, files and workflows – with OpenText Exceed TurboX ensures that your applications are accessible 24/7 from any location – at work, at home, or on the road. 

ETX session sharing feature enables collaborative design across geographically dispersed teams. 

Centralized Administration & Greater Security

ETX provides a central web portal for IT staff across the organization to monitor and manage user access to systems. 

Moving to a centralized access platform is a big step forward
in protecting sensitive design files and reducing the risk of IP theft.

ETX provides a highly
secure environment with TLS and SSH encryption across all
communications, enabling secure access to both on-premise and cloud-hosted datacenters. 

OpenText Exceed TurboX provides unparallel remote access performance to your back-end graphical applications with less infrastructure compared to Citrix and VMWare while reducing your cost of ownership.

Trusted by the worlds leading engineering firms
The more data centers you have, the more data replication you have to do and the more complex your environment gets. By leveraging Exceed TurboX, we dedicate less staff to information technology management and mandate that our environment be simple instead of complex.

Scott Clark, Vice President of Information Technology and Security at Inphi
More than a decade ago, we decided to move away from personal workstations to a Unix based data center. This meant we needed a powerful remote access solution for our staff to gain access around the globe. After evaluating a number of solutions, we chose OpenText Exceed TurboX, which is very reliable and provides us the remote data center access we need, from anywhere in the world.

Dr.-Ing. Christian Imiela, Manager of Calculations and Structure Analyses at SMS group
We immediately benefitted from faster execution, with far less data being transmitted over our wide area network. We were able to replace Linux workstations with Microsoft® Windows® PCs, which can be used for office tools as well. Our R&D engineers have been able to work quicker, not suffering from network latency in the way they used to, thanks to OpenText, as data remains on our central servers.

Paul Blenderman, Manager Servers and Infrastructure at Micronas
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