OpenText Live Webinar Series
Automate and Control your Document Change Control Process with the latest version of Document Change Control for Content Suite by Kinematik

Join us Thursday, September 12th, for the OpenText Live webinar where OpenText Partner Kinematik will discuss the latest version of Document Change Control for Content Suite. We will discuss how it is a more flexible solution which can be configured to meet end user business requirements. It will reduce time and costs associated with managing these processes and increase efficiencies:

• New and improved user interface with added overview configuration and screen optimisation improving user adoption though simplification of end user actions
• Better support for Connected Workspaces with new perspective widgets available and new library configuration settings, per workspace, making the Application more flexible and better able to meet business requirements

• Full configuration of Application interfaces which allows users to configure the system to better meet end user requirements

• Cover pages provide a summary of the document metadata and includes links to reference documents

• A references widget that allows document owners to proactively review documents when referenced documents have been updated

• Improved support for Form Builder including more control over the Form Attributes e.g. Table Key Lookups, and Form Presentation

• Enhanced Workflow design including support for Document Properties Synchronization, Permissions Updates and Data Synchronization 

Date: Sept. 12 @11am EDT
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