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Connected Workspace Updater: the essential tool for Content Server Admins
(presented by OpenText Partner Answermodules)
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Presented by OpenText Partner Answermodules. 
You've built a robust structure of Connected Workspaces as part of your EIM strategy, and users are relying on it heavily for their everyday work. But what happens when a new policy, role, or procedure comes along? 
Modifying Connected Workspaces can require much manual work, especially when consistent volumes are involved. Join this session to learn about a tool to automatically push updates from workspace templates to workspace instances, including:
- Adding/editing roles & permissions;
- Creating new folders;
- Modifying folders hierarchy and more
Thanks to an innovative, agile approach, it’s possible to adapt the tool to your needs by defining your own business logic and rules and merging them seamlessly in the process. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve how you manage Connected Workspaces.
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