OpenText Live Webinar:
Resilient Workforce Analytics for Magellan
Presented by OpenText Partner Agile Work Evolutions
ON-DEMAND - Recorded April 21, 2021
Answer today’s burning questions about the impacts of adopting a flexible/telework/remote working model. Empower employees with a voice, and access in-depth workforce profiling and dashboard reporting of social, economic and environmental impacts to inform your ideal workplace strategy.

Having a resilient workplace means enabling your teams to be as efficient and effective as possible, wherever they need to work. Understanding your team’s requirements when being asked for workplace flexibility can’t be left to guesswork, it requires analytics.

Resilient Workforce Analytics cloud solution surveys your employees and provides business insight into what your teams need to succeed. Additionally it provides detailed analytics on how work-from-home impacts real estate costs and environmental impact of CO2 emissions.

Resilient Workforce Analytics is differentiated by its speed of execution and scientific accuracy. Evidence-based data to inform critical decisions about your workforce and workplace is available within days, allowing your organization to implement confidently and quickly.

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