Overview of SmartView custom menus and more! (presented by OpenText Partner AnswerModules)
Thursday, June 4th at 11am EDT
Module Suite 2.7 is the first and only solution which allows custom commands to be added in the SmartView function menu as well as optimizing the execution of scheduled scripts processing bulk data.

It’s now possible to add custom commands inside the SmartView function menu so business users can work with highly personalized actions. These commands can be made visible to specific users, they are highly flexible and can serve countless use cases. For example, users can multi-select documents and: merge/download them, start a DocuSign process, automatically apply a specific naming convention and so on.

Thanks to the new Map Reduce function, scheduled complex operations can be split into smaller chunks in order to optimize the processing of massive data. This streamlines bulk processes and automations such as: massive updates of documents, massive data import from external systems and much more.

All this can be achieved quickly and with minimum effort thanks to a low-coding toolset.

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