Explore 3 winning strategies to master modern work
Duration of recording: 37 minutes
Global organizations are struggling to keep up with the accelerated pace of change driven by transformation initiatives, hybrid work, new technologies, changing regulations and security incidents.

Organizations must master modern work and deliver employee experiences that empower workforces and attract and retain talent. They must also improve operational efficiency by reducing digital friction and increasing agility and strengthen information protection to address emerging risks. 

Join this masterclass to learn ways to fuel efficient business processes and enable employees—wherever and however they choose to work—all while ensuring security and compliance.

Learn how to master three key strategies with the latest information management technologies:

  1. Create positive employee experiences by simplifying how they engage with systems and co-workers
  2. Boost operational excellence with integrated and automated processes
  3. Protect information with improved governance and applying AI

In the session, hear how companies have achieved tangible benefits in their business. And, get steps to start your transformation journey.

Fred Sass, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at OpenText
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